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How Can I Join New Life Partners?

If you would like to become part of this growing group of wonderful ladies who are experiencing the healing work of the Lord in their own lives, then simply send a blank email to the New Life Partners administrator with "Subscribe" in the subject line, by clicking the join link below.

[Note: We will make every effort to respond to you as quickly as possible; since we are all volunteers, this sometimes can take a day or two. If you don't see a response within 2 days, please check your Spam or Junk folder to see if our reply has been mis-directed!

If the link below doesn't work for you, just send an email to our preferred address: Admin @; our alternate email address, in case you experience a problem with the primary one, is: NLPRegister @]

Once we have received your inquiry we will send you an email explaining more about our group and requesting some personal information which is used for statistical purposes. Since we will contact you via a "Reply" to your email, please make sure the address that you are sending from is the address you want us to use. If this is a shared email account, for example, you might want to indicate a private one in the body of your "Subscribe" email to us. Please be sure that this account is not set up to filter or block "unknown" correspondents or our reply may not reach you.

Upon receipt of the returned answers you will be invited to join our group. You will then receive, via email, a Welcome Message and Introductory Packet which includes procedures and guidelines for participation as a member.