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Welcome to NLP

If your life has been affected in a negative way by pornography or sexual addiction, we understand. We have felt what you feel. We won't tell you that it is just in your mind, that you're crazy or to just "get over it." This is a group where we share hearts along with experience, strength and hope. We are not into men bashing, or telling each other what to do. Together we try to work on ourselves and grow in relationship with God.

Ministries of NLP

Email Discussion
NLP was founded as an email discussion group and this continues as our primary focus. We share our stories, our experiences, strength, and hope with each other via email messages. Everyone in the group is invited to read our questions, responses, and thoughts that we have chosen to share. In that way, we get to know each other and we receive many ideas about topics that God can use to help us heal and grow. We can say as little or as much as we want.

Our listserver takes care of all of that emailing, sending our messages out to over 700 members. Members also have the option of receiving the messages as a daily digest or reading them on the internet, rather than having them sent to a personal email address.

Online Chats
Chats are suspended right now but hopefully will resume later this year. In the past our chat ministry has varied from scheduled, moderated “real-time” chats when small groups of members come together for support and sharing at specific times during the week, to prayer chats to a designated chat room where members can hold their own impromptu chats for any reason...from “just for fun” to “needing support and advice.”

NLP maintains a small library including many books from our Recommended Reading list. These are available on loan to active members for just the cost of postage.

Annual Retreat
Our annual NLP Retreat/Conference is a time for members to get together in person at a retreat center. It includes lots of hugs, laughs, tears, learning, and sharing. We allow time for planned informational and discussion sessions as well as free time. An email with information and details is sent out each year.